Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Murder plans for January 2006

What would you do if you found detailed plans for someone to commit a murder?What if those plans gave you not only the names of the people to be murdered,but the exact time and date as well?Not to mention that these plans also included the method that was to be used to end another human beings life?
Would you immediately contact the authorities?warn the intended victims?Of course you would.But let's wait a minute here shall we.What if you found out the people that were planned to be murdered were people that you didn't like very much,would you still do everything you could to prevent their murders?Would you still rush to make that call?
You would?Good for you,glad to see that your humanity as not yet been stripped from you.What though if we took it even a little further,what if you found out the intended victims had committed crimes in their lives,and were not all that nice of people.Do you still do what you can to prevent their murder?or do you just forget all about finding that evidence and stand idly by while they are murdered?Not I,this is a Mission from God that I am on,it is at His urging that I write this,and my other works.Join with me on my crusade and:

PLEASE,support the
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty sign these petitions,I urge you to do each one separately so that you may read for your self the particulars of each case,There may be some you do not support,others that you do,also by signing individually you can direct a personal comment to the offending Governor.

See and act on all current Execution Alerts at

January 17: Clarence Ray Allen, CA - ACT NOW!

January 19: John Spirko, OH - ACT NOW!

January 19: Julius Murphy, TX - ACT NOW!

January 20: Perrie Simpson, NC - ACT NOW!

January 24: Clarence Hill, FL - ACT NOW!

January 25: Marion Dudley, TX - ACT NOW!

January 31: Jamie Elizalde, TX - ACT NOW!

January 31: Arthur Rutherford, FL - ACT NOW!

GOOD NEWS!Unless you are one of those nuts that think the death penalty is a deterent,trust me,it is not.If you say my opinion would be different if someone close to me was murdered,again,you would be WRONG!My best friend was murdered this past summer,stabbed over a cigarette by a hyped up junkie,who I am quite sure did not stop and think,"gee,sure glad we have no death penalty here,now I can murder someone for smokes.Life in Prison is surely worth a smoke!"


Moratorium on death penalty in NJ passes Senate by wide margin.

Gov. In Trenton, the state Senate yesterday passed a bill that would put a hold on New Jersey's death-penalty law, which has not resulted in any executions, while a commission studied whether it deterred crime and was "consistent with evolving standards of decency."

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So,until the next time,God Bless you all,please tell your friends of my sites.Thank you.

Alcoholism and Drug Addictions are beatable.I am living proof!There is help out there!If you need a start,email me and I will do my best to help.I have an on line support group for addicts,and there is room for you in it!If you were a victim of Sexual Abuse,there is no reason for guilt or shame,as those are just other forms of abuse.let THE ABUSE END NOW! Parents be informed,know the warning signs that your child may be being abused.


Blogger pepsi said...

I done my part as you asked people to do. I don't believe in the death penalty either. I hope everyone who reads this will sign it too and maybe we can make a difference.

3/1/06 9:09 PM  
Blogger Father Valentine said...

Once again my son,you have done a service to the World as well as our Lords.
By exsposing the Evil that is the US Justice System you assure your accesion into the Universal Conscience.

4/1/06 2:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In death one can find life, the death penalty is there to ensure life for the community. If murderers know that even if they commit murder they will still live (In prison) that I partly pay for from my income.

I lost a father, a son, and friend when a serial drunk entered my home and randomly discharged his firearm. I cannot bare children and I’m crippled due to 2 bullets. My miracle is that I’m alive and the one who chose to get intoxicated and destroy my life is in prison living and has the possibility to get out on parole.

If the death penalty is strictly adhered to, do you think murdering some one will be as easy as it is now. Just imagine you own self in my situation, how would you feel?

6/1/06 9:48 PM  

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