Thursday, November 03, 2005

Novembers-Decembers Day's of Shame

list below,and your chance to help make a difference.

I know what some of you will say,just another bleeding heart liberal who is soft on crime.I hate to dash your point of view,so I won't bother going into my views on the death penalty which you could read in whole,but I will just give you a little quote from that article:

"I will freely admit,there are people out there that are better of dead,and if it came to be that it was up to me to pull the trigger,push the plunger,open the chute,drop the blade,toss the torch,throw the switch or cast the first stone,I would have no trouble doing it"

Still think I am a bleeding heart Liberal?Let me get my hands on some pedophile who as raped and murdered a young child and we will see.
However,laws must be equal for all,regardless,and for those reason,I oppose the death penalty.It is better to let 1000 free then imprison an innocent man.There have been to many overturned convictions,to many cases of prosecutorial and law enforcement misconduct,to many eye witnesses recanting,to many DNA exonerations,for me to believe that no innocent man as been "executed" We can not ever take the risk of doing it again.For a living example see my story on David Milgaard.
ABOLISH THE DEATH PENALTY! Please visit these sites,sign the petitions,let God be the final judge,not man.

See and act on all current Execution Alerts at

November 3: Melvin Wayne White, TEXAS May he RIP

November 4: Arthur Hastings Wise, SOUTH CAROLINA

November 4: Brian Steckel, DELAWARE

November 9: Charles Daniel Thacker, TEXAS

November 11: Steven Van McHone, NORTH CAROLINA

November 15: John Spirko, OHIO

November 15: Robert Dale Rowell, TEXAS

November 16: Shannon Charles Thomas, TEXAS

November 18: Elias Hanna Syriani, NORTH CAROLINA

November 28: Eric Randall Nance, ARKANSAS

November 29: John R. Hicks, OHIO

November 30: Robin Lovitt, VIRGINIA

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Decembers Shame

December 1: Daryl Mack, NV - stayed
December 2: Kenneth Boyd, NC - executed
December 2: Shawn Humphries, SC - executed
December 5-9: Wesley Baker, MD - executed
December 7: Tony Ford, TX - stayed
December 13: Stanley Williams, CA - executed
December 14: John Nixon, MS - ACT NOW!


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