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Official, for eyes only.If you are not an authorized reader you are subject to penalties under laws.If you are reading this without permission,report for execution.
Born to parents unknown on April the fourth in the c.e.1956 in Regina Saskatchewan Canada he was placed for adoption and was soon adopted by loving Parents John&Sarah Forbes of Semans Saskatchewan,a farming community approximately eighty miles to the north of the Provincial Capitol Regina.He completed all education offered to him at the Margret McClumb High School in the aforementioned Semans.
He Graduated in 1974 and promptly married his High School sweet heart Corrine Murney.After residing and working in Regina for eighteen months he moved his young family(which by this time included a beautiful daughter Terri Dawn)to the logging community of Prince George British Columbia where he was gainfully employed at the Clear Lake Sawmills.
He housed his young family in a house trailer located at the Mill site it's self,some twenty six miles from the main City.
Returning from a Christmas Vacation to his home town,the house trailer was lost to fire,consuming all of the families possessions.
In an effort to earn extra income to put towards a new home,a second job was taken,a job that would have such a disastrous effect on his life for years to come.It was employment in the Hotel and Service Industry that brought him into initial contact with what can only be descried as the Underworld.
Pimps,drug dealers, prostitutes,Johns,Fences,Forger's,pick pockets and scam drifters became,not his enemies,but his closest friends and confidants.
This lead to a life of crime and vilolence,once even leading to a Murder charge.It was a wild,reckless life he lead,until his return to Saskatchewan in 1980,at which time he took employment in various construction endeavors with an eye to taking over the family farm, which he did so in 1983,which he promptly set out to expand and improve, ending in utter failure and bankruptcy in 1987.
Desperate to support his family which had grown with the addition of beautiful daughter Susan Ashley in 1986,he took employment as a sales Manager with Electrolux Canada which he preformed with outstanding success winning several Outstanding Sales and Recruitment Rewards,working with distinction and valour,he was named Manager of the Year for 1987,a year which also saw the birth of his one and only Son, David John, who passed away in his sleep at the horribly young age of twelve weeks, suffering from SID syndrome.He was dismissed from his position some six weeks later, having fallen under the spell of Alcoholism and self destructive behavior.His actions over the next almost two decades can only be called erratic,in and out of relationships,another "marriage that eneded by the death of his true love,years in PRISON and in and out of ORGANIZED CRIME,and finally to out of control DRUG USE,leading to his death from a combination of Asthma and Morphine in July of 2004.
Like Samuel Clements and Oscar Wilde,the news of my death is a little premature!
In my other Blog the CONTINUING ADVENTURES you will find a post entitled"Bad Things Happen For Good Reasons" where I speak about how horrible things have routinely happened to me,only to be offset by something wonderful.
As I lay unconscious on the floor,my respiration and heart beat both UNDETECTABLE,and I can only imagine,my brain wave activity nearing zero,I was unable to hear the frantic pounding on the door,and the shouts of "OPEN UP!CITY POLICE! WE HAVE A WARRANT!"
I swear before our Lord,that is how,once again,being a drug dealer,SAVED MY LIFE!( in reference to remarks made in the CONTINUING ADVENTURES ) where you will also find a post of interest to you if you have come this deals with my recovery in hospital,the re-unification between myself and my children.It is entililed"A Life of Adventure is not always a Good Thing"
From that hospital bed( which,upon when I checked my self out,I was arrested!still in my hospital gown!) to a treatment program seemed the natural step o take.
Today I rely on the Methadone Recovery Program,without it,I do not think I would have made it.I would be perfectly willing to go threw the withdrawls again,but the Cronic pain I life with ensure I will always need pain medication to function.
As Methadone was devoloped by the Germans during WWII as a pain killer( one in which the mental facualties were left uinchanged) it is the natural solution for me.
Methadone is not the tratment for all,but for myself,it is the perfect answer.
Which is why,when I felt the need for a support group,and not being a fan of any I had seen or heard 0f,I started MY OWN! with over thirty members in (at last count) seven (7) countries.
I call my group saved by Methadone,but do not let the name fool you,it is open to any one with addiction issues,regardless of the substance or treatment program they may be under.I invite you to join SAVEDBYMETHADONE
As always,I invite your comments,please leave contact information,or email me directly to and put EXCON or some such designation in the subject line.Please,no commercials,no MLM's or any other promotions.I am 100 % dedicated to promoting the most important product I could find,that product of course is ME! Speaking of promoting ,remember my SPONSORS.In order to keep a promise to a Lady,here is my FAN CLUB VERY unofficial!


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