Saturday, December 03, 2005


Up to the end December 2005

December 1: Daryl Mack, NV (STAYED)December 2: Kenneth Boyd, NC (EXECUTED)December 2: Shawn Humphries, SC (EXECUTED)December 5-9: Wesley Baker, MD (EXECUTED)December 7: Tony Ford, TX (STAYED)December 13: Stanley Williams, CA (EXECUTED)December 14: John Nixon, MS (EXECUTED)November, 2005November 3: Melvin Wayne White, TX (EXECUTED)November 4: Brian Steckel, DE (EXECUTED)November 4: Arthur Hastings Wise, SC (EXECUTED)November 9: Charles Daniel Thacker, TX (EXECUTED)November 11: Steven Van McHone, NC (EXECUTED)November 15: John Spirko, OH (STAYED)November 15: Robert Dale Rowell, TX (EXECUTED)November 16: Shannon Charles Thomas, TX (EXECUTED)November 18: Elias Hanna Syriani, NC (EXECUTED)November 28: Eric Randall Nance, AR (STAYED)November 29: John R. Hicks, OH (EXECUTED)November 30: Robin Lovitt, VA (COMMUTED)October, 2005October 6: Ronald Ray Howard, TX (EXECUTED)October 20: Luis Ramirez, TX (EXECUTED)October 25: William Williams Jr., OH (EXECUTED)October 25: Pedro Sosa, TX (STAYED)October 26: Marlin Gray, MO (EXECUTED)September, 2005September 14: Frances Newton, TX (EXECUTED)September 20: John Spirko, OH (STAYED)September 22: Michael Lynn Riley, TX (STAYED)September 22: John W. Peoples Jr., AL (EXECUTED)September 27: Herman Ashworth, OH (EXECUTED)September 28: Alan Lehman Matheney, IN (EXECUTED)August, 2005August 4: George Sibley, AL (EXECUTED)August 10: Gary Lynn Sterling, TX (EXECUTED)August 11: Kenneth Turrentine, OK (EXECUTED)August 23: Robert Alan Shields, TX (EXECUTED)August 31: Arthur Baird, IN - commutedAugust 31: Timothy Johnston, MO (EXECUTED)July, 2005July 28: David Aaron Martinez, TX (EXECUTED)June, 2005June 2: Jerry Paul Henderson, AL (EXECUTED)June 7: Alexander Martinez, TX (EXECUTED)June 9: Robert McConnell, NV (STAYED)June 22: Michael A. Lambert, IN (STAYED) June 30: Charles Dean Hood, TX (STAYED)May, 2005May 3: Lonnie Pursey, TX (EXECUTED)May 6: Earl Richmond, NC (EXECUTED)May 12: George James Miller Jr., OK (EXECUTED)May 13: Michael Ross, CT (EXECUTED) May 18: Vernon Brown, MO (EXECUTED)May 18: Brian Wolfe, TX (EXECUTED)May 19: Gary Thomas Allen, OK (STAYED)May 19: Richard Cartwright, TX (EXECUTED)May 25: Gregory Scott Johnson, IN (EXECUTED)May 25: Gary Lynn Sterling, TX (STAYED)April, 2005April 5: Glen Ocha, FL (EXECUTED)April 15: Richard Longworth, SC (EXECUTED)April 20: Milton Mathis, TX (STAYED)April 20: Douglas Allen Roberts, TX (EXECUTED) April 21: Bill J. Benefiel, IN (EXECUTED)April 27: Donald Jones, MO (EXECUTED)April 28: Mario Centobie, AL (EXECUTED)March, 2005March 1: Stephen Mobley, GA (EXECUTED)March 8: William H. Smith, OH (EXECUTED)March 8: George Hopper, TX (EXECUTED)March 10: Alexander Martinez, TX (STAYED) March 10: Donnald Ray Wallace Jr., IN (EXECUTED)March 11: William Powell, NC (EXECUTED)March 15: Christopher Davis, TN (STAYED)March 15: Jimmy Ray Slaughter, OK (EXECUTED)March 16: Stanley Hall, MO (EXECUTED)March 16: Pablo Melendez, TX (STAYED)March 23: Steven Kenneth Staley, TX (STAYED)February, 2005February 17: Dennis Bagwell, TX (EXECUTED)February 26: John David Duty, OK (STAYED)January, 2005January 4: James Porter, TX (EXECUTED)January 19: Donald Beardslee, CA (EXECUTED)January 20: Jose Briseno, TX (STAYED)January 25: Timothy Carr, GA (EXECUTED) January 25: Troy Kunkle, TX (EXECUTED)January 27: George Alarick Jones, TX (STAYED)January 29/31: Michael Ross, CT (STAYED)

Till the end December, 2004
December 1: Frances Newton, TX (STAYED)December 2: George Banks, PA (STAYED)December 3: Charles Walker, NC (STAYED)November, 2004November 2: Lorenzo Morris, TX (EXECUTED)November 4: Robert Morrow, TX (EXECUTED)November 9: DeMarco McCullum, TX (EXECUTED)November 10: Frederick McWilliams, TX (EXECUTED) November 12: Frank Chandler, NC (EXECUTED)November 16: Donny E. Johnson, TN (STAYED)November 17: Anthony Fuentes, TX (EXECUTED)November 30: Thomas C. Bowling, KY (STAYED)October, 2004October 5: Edward Green, TX (EXECUTED)October 6: Peter Miniel, TX (EXECUTED)October 8: Sammy Perkins, NC (EXECUTED)October 12: Donald Aldrich, TX (EXECUTED) October 13: Adremy Dennis, OH (EXECUTED)October 20: Ricky Morrow, TX (EXECUTED)October 22: Charles Roache, NC (EXECUTED)October 26: Dominique Green, TX (EXECUTED)September, 2004September 9: James Reid, VA (EXECCUTED)September 21: Andrew Flores, TX (EXECUTED)September 22: Philip Workman, TN (STAYED)Septmeber 28: Ricky Dale Newman,AR (STAYED) Septmeber 30: David Kevin Hocker, AL (EXECUTED)August, 2004August 5: James Hubbard, AL (EXECUTED)August 9-15: Terry Dennis, NV (EXECUTED)August 18: James Hudson, VA (EXECUTED)August 25: Jasen Bubsy, TX (EXECUTED)August 26: James Allridge III, TX (EXECUTED)August 26: Windel Workman, OK (EXECUTED)July, 2004July 1: Robert Hicks, GA (EXECUTED)July 7: Troy Kunkle, TX (STAY)July 9: Darnell Williams, IN (COMMUTED)July 9: Arthur Wise, SC(STAY)July 14: Steven Vrabel, OH (EXECUTED)July 19: Scott Mink, OH (EXECUTED)July 22: Mark Bailey, VAJuly 19-23: Terry Dennis, NVJune, 2004June 8: David Hammer, Fed (STAY)June 8: William Zuern, OH (EXECUTED)June 8: Robert Bryan, OK (EXECUTED)June 17: Steven Oken, MD (EXECUTED)June 30: David Harris, TX (STAY)May, 2004May 18: Osvaldo Torres, OK (STAY)May 18: Kelsey Patterson, TX (EXECUTED)May 21: Sammy Perkins, NC (STAY)May 25: John Blackwelder, FL (EXECUTED)May 28: James Neil Tucker, SC (EXECUTED)April, 2004April 13: Michael Rosales, TX (STAY)April 15: Jerry McWee, SC (EXECUTED) April 16: Kenneth Rouse, NC (STAY) April 23: Jason Byram, SC (EXECUTED)April 27: James Clark, TX (STAY)March, 2004March 3: Marcus Cotton, TX (EXECUTED)March 4: Yokamon Hearn, TX (STAY)March 9: David Jay Brown, OK (EXECUTED)March 18: Brian Cherrix, VA (EXECUTED)March 19: David Clayton Hill, SC (EXECUTED)March 23: Hung Thanh Le, OK (EXECUTED)March 26: Lawrence Colwell, Jr., NV (EXECUTED)March 30: Edward Capetillo - juvenile, TX (STAY)March 30: William Wickline, OH (EXECUTED)March 31: Dennis Orbe, VA (EXECUTED)February, 2004Feb. 3: John Roe, Ohio (EXECUTED)Feb. 4: Johnny Robinson, Florida (EXECUTED)Feb. 5: Scott Panetti, Texas (STAY - JUDICIAL))Feb. 10: Kevin Cooper, California (STAY - JUDICIAL)Feb. 11: Edward Lagrone, Texas (EXECUTED)Feb. 12: Bobby Hopkins, Texas (EXECUTED)Feb. 17: Cameron Willingham, Texas (EXECUTED)Feb. 17: Norman Cleary, Oklahoma (EXECUTED)Feb. 26: Hung Thanh Le (STAYED TO MARCH 23)Feb. 27: George Page, North Carolina (STAY)January, 2004Jan. 6: Ynobe Matthews, Texas (EXECUTED)Jan. 6: Karl Roberts, Arkansas (STAY)Jan. 6: Charles Singleton, Arkansas (EXECUTED)Jan. 9: Raymond Rowsey, North Carolina (EXECUTED)Jan. 13: Tyrone Darks, Oklahoma (EXECUTED)Jan. 14: Kenneth Bruce, Texas (EXECUTED)Jan. 14: Lewis Williams, Jr., Ohio (EXECUTED)Jan. 21: Kevin Zimmerman, Texas (EXECUTED)Jan. 27: Willie James Hall (COMMUTED)Jan. 28:Billy Vickers, Texas (EXECUTED)

December, 2003
Dec. 3: Richard Duncan, Texas (EXECUTED)Dec. 4: Ivan Murphy, Texas (EXECUTED)Dec. 5: Robbie Lyons, North Carolina (EXECUTED)Dec. 9: Billy Vickers, Texas (STAY)Dec. 10: Kevin Zimmerman, Texas (STAY)Dec. 10: Eddie Crawford, Georgia (STAY)Dec. 11: Bobby Lee Hines, Texas (STAY)Dec. 18: James Reid, Virginia (STAY)November, 2003Nov. 4: James Brown, Georgia (EXECUTED)Nov. 7: Joseph Keel, North Carolina (EXECUTED)Nov. 14: John Daniels, North Carolina (EXECUTED)Nov. 20: Robert Henry, Texas (EXECUTED)OCTOBER, 2003Oct. 1: Earnest Ulysses Morrison, Georgia (STAY)Oct. 3: Edward Hartman, North Carolina (EXECUTED)Oct. 9: David Larry Nelson, Alabama (STAY)Oct. 29: John Clayton Smith, Missouri (EXECUTED)SEPTEMBER, 2003Sept. 3: Paul Hill, Florida (EXECUTED)Sept. 8: Perry Austin, Texas (STAY)Sept. 10: Larry Allen Hayes, Texas (EXECUTED)Sept. 12: Henry Lee Hunt, North Carolina (EXECUTED)Sept. 24: Philip Workman, Tennessee (STAY)Sept. 26: Joseph Bates, North Carolina (EXECUTED)AUGUST, 2003Aug. 1: Darnell Williams, Indiana (STAY)Aug. 6: Curtis Moore, Texas (STAY)Aug. 6: Jose Rivera, Texas (STAY)Aug. 7: Tommy Fortenberry (EXECUTED)Aug. 7: Rickey Lewis, Texas (STAY)Aug. 20: Mark Robertson, Texas (STAY)Aug. 22: Quentin Jones, North Carolina (EXECUTED)JULY, 2003July 1: Lewis Gilbert, Oklahoma (EXECUTED)July 2: Hilton Crawford, Texas (EXECUTED)July 8: Robert Don Duckett, Oklahoma (EXECUTED)July 9: Christopher Black, Texas (EXECUTED)July 9: Riley Noel, Arkansas (EXECUTED)July 22: Bryan Toles, Oklahoma (EXECUTED)July 22: Bobby Swisher, Virginia (EXECUTED)July 23: Cedric Ransom, Texas (EXECUTED)July 24: Richard Cooey, Ohio (STAY)July 24: Allen Janecka, Texas (EXECUTED)July 24: Jackie Willingham, Oklahoma (EXECUTED)July 29: Harold McElmurry (EXECUTED)JUNE, 2003Indiana: Joseph Trueblood (EXECUTED)Ohio: Ernest Martin (EXECUTED), Lewis Williams (STAY), Jerome Campbell (CLEMENCY)Oklahoma: Kenneth Charm (EXECUTED)Tennessee: Abu-Ali Abdur Rahman (STAY)Texas: Kia Johnson (EXECUTED), Kenneth Thompson (STAY)Utah: Roberto Arguelles (STAY)MAY, 2003Alabama: Glen Holladay (STAY)Florida: Newton Slawson (EXECUTED)Georgia: Carl Isaacs (EXECUTED)Indiana: Kevin Lee Hough (EXECUTED)Missouri: John Clayton Smith (STAY)Ohio: Jerome Campbell (STAY)Oklahoma: Robert Knighton (EXECUTED)Texas: Robert Vaughn (EXECUTED), Bruce Jacobs (EXECUTED), Eric Moore (STAY)Virginia: Percy Walton (STAY)APRIL, 2003Alabama: Gary Brown (EXECUTED)Ohio: David Brewer (EXECUTED), Lewis Williams (STAY)Oklahoma: Scott Hain (EXECUTED), Don Hawkins (EXECUTED), Larry Jackson (EXECUTED)Texas: Kenneth Morris (STAY), Juan Rodriguez Chavez (EXECUTED), Robert Ladd (STAY)Virginia: Brandon Hedrick (STAY), Earl Bramblett (EXECUTED)MARCH, 2003Alabama: Michael Thompson (EXECUTED)Georgia: Larry Moon (EXECUTED)Federal: Louis Jones (EXECUTED)Ohio: Ernest Martin (STAY)Oklahoma: David Jay Brown (STAY),John Hooker (EXECUTED), Walanzo Robinson (EXECUTED)Texas: Delma Banks, Jr. (STAY), Keith Clay (EXECUTED), James Colburn (EXECUTED), Bobby Cook (EXECUTED)FEBRUARY, 2003Florida: Amos King (EXECUTED)Missouri: Kenneth Kenly (EXECUTED)Ohio: Richard Fox (EXECUTED)Oklahoma: Bobby Joe Fields (EXECUTED), Larry Jackson (STAY)Texas: John Elliot(EXECUTED), Henry Dunn (EXECUTED), Gregory Van Alstyne (STAY), Richard Williams (EXECUTED), Michael Johnson (STAY)JANUARY, 2003Mississippi: Ronald Chris Foster (STAY)North Carolina: Henry Lee Hunt (STAY)Oklahoma: Bobbie Joe Fields (STAY), Daniel Revilla (EXECUTED)Texas: Samuel Gallamore (EXECUTED), John Baltazar (EXECUTED), Robert Lookingbill (EXECUTED), Elkie Taylor (STAY), Alva Curry (EXECUTED), Richard Dinkins (EXECUTED), Granville Riddle (EXECUTED)Virginia: John Schmitt (STAY)

Alabama: Anthony Johnson (EXECUTED)Florida: Linroy Bottoson(EXECUTED), Amos King (STAY)Mississippi: Jessie Williams (EXECUTED)North Carolina: Ernest Basden (EXECUTED), Desmond Carter (EXECUTED)Oklahoma: Jerry McCracken (EXECUTED), Jay Neill (EXECUTED), Ernest Carter (EXECUTED), John Duty (STAY)NOVEMBER, 2002Alabama: George Sibley, Jr. (STAY)Georgia: James Brown (STAY), William Howard Putman (EXECUTED)Missouri: William R. Jones (EXECUTED) Texas: James Clark (STAY), James Colburn (STAY), William Chapell (EXECUTED), Graig Ogan, Jr. (EXECUTED)Virginia: Mir Aimal Kasi (EXECUTED)


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