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DEATH TO ALL THE LAWYERS! with an apology to William Shakespeare

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers".Spoken by Dick the Butcher in Henry VI part 2 by William Shakespeare (I was getting tired of explaining to the uneducated) This article as been published,without any real successful feedback many months ago.I am bringing it to the forefront as I feel this forum as merit and now that I have gained something of an audience(keep those cards and letters coming! I really enjoyed both of them lol) I am hoping that I will get some of YOUR experiences to publish

As much as we might say we hate them,and as much as we might claim that justice is equal to all,we must give credit where credit is due.
Anybody that thinks all men are equal in the eyes of the law never watched the O.J trail!As much as some might complain of that verdict and say that it was tricks by high priced lawyers that acquitted a guilty man,I will still say"better a thousand guilty go free,rather then one innocent be imprisoned ( or worse).

The difference the right lawyer can make is at time simply incredible,other times Johnny Cochran could not have got you off a parking ticket.
I will share a little lawyer story,but it is YOURS that I want to hear.
If you have a lawyer story,a story of competence or incompetence,a story of recommendation or one of condemnation,share it with us all.
TO TELL YOUR LAWYER STORY,EMAIL ME AT with LAWYER displayed in the subject header,or leave comment below.

MY LAWYER STORY by H.Douglas Forbes

I was once in court on drug related charges,and the prosecutor was making the case that I must be very highly placed in organized crime(I wished) since the grade of pot that they had seized had twice the usually amount of THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol; a compound that is obtained from cannabis or is made synthetically; it is the primary intoxicant in marijuana and hashish,for the two of you who did not know that. ) that was normally found on the street.
His argument was that any one with pot that had a 27.5% content had to know the very best of growers,and by extension,I must therefore be associated with a internationally known motorcycle organization( I was NOT).The way he was speaking seemed at the time that it was intended to supposed to make me feel that I should be ashamed,while all the time he was narrating his closing,I was swelling with pride,and a glance at the court audience showed that most of them felt the way I did,there where lots of nods and thumbs up thrown my way.(please hold the cards and letters,I am relating how I felt at the time,not how I feel now)

Even when the prosecutor brought up the seized firearms,which where both loaded at the time of arrest(a gun that is not loaded is just a club!I was raised with firearms,no one was in danger) the crowd seem to support my contention that the weapons where for protection from other criminals,not intended as a threat to law enforcement(I would NEVER shoot a cop,I respect them,and understand them,and am way to smart to ever think that I could get away with such an atrocity)
I was also charged at the time with proceeds of crime,to wit,the cash they found in my house,in excess of $5000.00(that is a "break point" in our laws here,over is a worse charge then under) with violation of bail,and a pissy little charge of a controlled substance under 28grams (2 grams of "magic mushrooms")so all in all,I was facing some serious time,drugs with weapons is (and rightfully so ) a very dangerous combination,and in the wrong hands,something the police hate to face.In this case I actually had one of the arresting officers statements that I had disclosed the weapons to them,and that they at no time felt threatened.(heh,when your caught,your caught,I figured it was much better for me to tell the cops I had guns and where they where,rather have them accidentally shoot themselves when they found them!
Yep,I was cooked,and I thought,what kind of lawyer did I have,not once while the prosecutor was painting such a horrible picture against me,did he speak up,not until it was his turn.Here I was facing years in the penitentiary,(three was the number that was being floated around),and he sat there as if I had not a care in the world.
He explained to me afterwords,that there was no chance I would be found not quilty,and any objections he made,would just piss the judge off,better to remain silent and thought a fool,rather then speak up and remove all doubts!
I actually had a legal aid lawyer who was totally committed to keeping me out of jail.You would almost think that he was a customer of mine,the way he fought for me!
He used all his powers of persuasion,explaining the military fashion in which I was raised,thus diminishing the severity of the weapons charges,citing other cases where the person was convicted yet served no time,but rather where placed on electronic monitoring.He talked for a good fifteen minutes,without notes,and without once losing his mark.It was truly an impressive display of legal jargon.
I don't know if it was his arguments,or the fact it was two days before Christmas,but the judge gave me the choice,eighteen months of electronic monitoring(an ankle bracelet that tracks your movements and traces your location.Damn GPS!) or fourteen months of confinement!

I actually at that time asked for a day to think it over!It was a reluctant (or so he seemed) Judge that ordered me back to the Correctional,but I had some serious thinking to do,take the conditional and walk,or take the time and rot.

I took the time.
I read the conditions of release that I would have to live by and decided it wasn't for me.I knew I would violate the conditions,and end up with more charges,and since it was me,the cops would be watching closely.I still may have gone for the conditional release except for the thirteenth and final condition laid out on the order that was given to me to consider
13)"shall have no contact at any time with anyone associated with drugs."

In my world,almost everyone I knew at least had a minor possession record,and since I was under conditions,the police had the right to stop me and interrogate me as to my comings and goings,and I was afraid that by extension,I may just land a colleague or friend in jail simply because they were seen with me.I don't mean to sound like some "solid guy,to tough to care",no,there was another reason I took the time,one that I thought about at the time very carefully,but that is another story which will be told at another time.

JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS! support group

This was my lawyer story,now I want to hear YOURS!
email me as per above intructions,being sure to include as much detail as possible,and you may soon see your words in print here.

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Alcoholism and Drug Addictions are beatable.I am living proof!There is help out there!If you need a start,email me and I will do my best to help.I have an on line support group for addicts,and there is room for you in it!If you were a victim of Sexual Abuse,there is no reason for guilt or shame,as those are just other forms of abuse.let THE ABUSE END NOW! Parents be informed,know the warning signs that your child may be being abused.


Blogger masonik4 said...

Doug, there just has to be a way for you to get your message out there to more people. What you are sharing is very important not just for the charges, but what a person is thinking.

I think many people don't realize that people in prison or jails are not robots, they are human beings that do think and have feelings and thoughts. Your comments about how you felt about your lawyer (was he court-appointed?) is a thought many guys may have thought of.

It's funny what you said about your lawyer, because I had 3, and the guy I dealt with most of the time knew that I was writing a horror story while in jail. It was near October and I was writing a story for some of the other guys to read. He joked with me asking if "any laywers were killed" in my story.

I think he really thought I was writing about him, but I wasn't. There wasn't a lawyer in my story at all. But it gives an idea on some of these laywers, and maybe the idea that some know that they aren't doing the best job they should for their clients.

At any rate, my very best wishes to you blog, and I hope you get more readers. What you have to say is highly important.

3/2/06 11:57 AM  

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